The Apprentice Program

The Apprentice Program is a paid six week summer program that offers young Bahamians an opportunity to work closely with CEIS staff and divisions across the whole organization.

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Through training and potential employment, young people are empowered and become aware of opportunities for employment. Apprentices partake in a professional development workshop every week covering the following content:

• Successful work behaviors

• Verbal & nonverbal communication

• Professionalism: resumes & applications

• Coaching & interview practice

• Financial management introduction

• Conflict resolution


By the end of the apprenticeship, young people will come away with:

• Work experience

• Understanding of job related expectations

• An adult who can serve as a reference and vouch for work behaviours

• A clear statement about what they learned during the work experience

• A plan for how talents and experience apply to a new job opportunity

• An updated resume