Each year during summer break we welcome students from across South Eleuthera to participate in an environmental camp at The Island School. South Eleuthera Kids Camp is a week-long overnight program rooted in experiential learning through hands-on activities and outdoor sessions.

We spend our days learning about sustainability and exploring the surrounding ecosystems to launch the next generation of environmental stewards.

Activities include:  

  • Mangrove and coral reef ecology

  • Shark research

  • Lionfish dissections

  • Snorkeling

  • Plastic pollution awareness

  • Sustainable food systems and food security

  • Renewable energy

  • Water conservation

All campers partake in team-building activities, group discussions and guided self-reflection throughout the week. Children gain an appreciation for the natural world and develop their understanding of environmental conservation. Students are supported to develop leadership and communication skills to enable them to become advocates for the future preservation of The Bahamas.

At the end of the adventure-packed week, each child leads a presentation describing something new they learned or an experience that impacted them in a powerful way that expanded their thinking.