Deep Creek After Schools Program

The After Schools Program offers a range of consistent opportunities to children from the settlement of Deep Creek in South Eleuthera.

Open LEarning CEnter

This program focuses on literacy and numeracy support and homework completion. Offered twice a week, it is a key program for the youngest members of the settlement.


Deep Creek PRimary School Garden

Grown from a love of gardens, members of the Cape Eleuthera Island School have partnered with a Deep Creek Primary School teacher to run a local garden at the primary school with the help of its students. This program has cultivated a lot of interest and introduced farming skills to the young people of Deep Creek.


After school sports offers an opportunity to come together in productive ways and be physically active. This is one of the newest components of Outreach and a concerted effort is being made to meet a variety of ages and to involve adults from the community and from the Cape Eleuthera Island School.

Swim Club

This Club grew out of the passion of staff members to promote basic swimming and snorkelling skills as a way to be safe and to explore the water that surrounds the island.