Incubate and launch:

We take calculated risks to experiment and start new programs, which bring together seed philanthropy and networks of support to benefit our neighbors. Once proof of concept is established, we aim to launch the program to individuals and partners locally, with our continued support as needed.

All invest and connect:

We want to harness the energy of our collective community. There are lots of ways to do this, and it’s very important that people are motivated and matched with things they are capable of doing. We ask our employees to commit work time to develop themselves and extend their ability to create meaningful connections here in The Bahamas.

Learn and adapt:

We recognize our organization’s unique role in drawing talent into the process of building capacity and continuity even as individual people come and go. We build processes to learn from past experience, and help our organization view their actions through the lens of building community.

Our Intended Impact is that children:


• Feel safe and loved

• Are supported through school

• Have opportunities not otherwise available

• Become self-confident and engaged

• Develop conflict resolution and social skills

• Become meaningful contributors to society